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What’s been happening with Rebuild Support in June

Bristol Metropolitan Academy’s Year 10 Careers and Employability Day, Tuesday 12 June. It was a lovely day for us at Rebuild Support. We were invited to Bristol Metropolitan’s year 10 careers day, to provide a workshop based on Post 16 options.

We were very fortunate to share this workshop with Patrick, Aston & Sharon from Young Bristol The sessions started really well with Patrick leading with an icebreaker called snowballs. This is where each student was given a blank piece of paper and a pen. They had to write, one thing that excited them and on the other side they had to put down one thing that scared them.

Once this was done, they were instructed to screw the paper up into a ball and then they had, 30 seconds to have a snowball fight. Luckily there were enough staff to gather up the ‘snowballs’ that landed under desks. When the 30 seconds were up, Patrick asked them to pick up one ‘snowball’ and open it up and read what was on there. This was a great way of making people relaxed and encouraging people to speak to the group

Over to Donna at Rebuild Support, who gave presentation about Post-16 options. Although the students are currently in Year 10, this was a great way to explain the differences between the different qualifications as well as the different types of FE and HE providers. This proved a great way to dispel the myths around Post 16 options.

The information that Donna gave to the students was then reinforced by Martyn who gave out a True or False quiz to them. Working in pairs they had 5 minutes to work in pairs and answer as many of the questions.
After the 5 minutes were up, Martyn gave out the answers, so the students could mark their sheets. Donna was there to give an explanation on each answer. Young Bristol playing the Heads and Tails game, to illustrate how the application process works.

And Aston explained more about what Young Bristol does. We ended the session with Sarah, who explained more about the National Citizens Service and showed a video promoting the programme

Harbour Cruise with Young Enterprise, 18th June

Donna and I were kindly invited to Join the staff and board of Young Enterprise for a Bristol Harbour Cruise. It was a lovely social event and we were able to chat to teachers, volunteer business advisors and supporters about what is involved in their programmes and what the impact was for their students.

The event was lovely and in true British weather it rained, albeit a fine rain, but enough to get a little wet. It was a lovely way to meet so many passionate people from so many businesses giving their time to support schools in their community. A big thank you to Gillian & Jo for organising this event.

For more information on the Young Enterprise please visit their website