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About Rebuild Support

Rebuild Support is a Bristol-based company, specialising in bridging the gap between local businesses and education, with a long-term goal of improving the local economy, reducing the number of students who are not in employment, education or training as well as addressing the skills shortages that a lot of employers are facing. Established in 2017 by Dave Portingale, Martyn Hall and Donna Portingale, who have extensive experience in the Careers Information, Advice and Guidance sector have always recognised that good quality work experience placements can, not only, benefit young people, but also benefit the local businesses that provide these opportunities.

It is becoming clear that closer working relationships between businesses and schools are more likely to prepare young people for the world of work as well as reduce youth unemployment. This type of working relationship can also provide the following benefits for both pupils and their parents; as well as teachers and careers advisors with better insights into the world of work, in relation to:

  • the range of opportunities available;
  • the skills, attitudes and habits needed in the workplace; and
  • the way in which learning at school can be put to practical use.

This in turn will help young people make more informed decisions about their future career choices as well as develop a career history on their new CV’s Furthermore, this can help:

  • Schools work towards the latest Governments statutory guidance from the Department of Education dated October 2018, and contributes to the Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Businesses work towards their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and contribute to, two of the four main groups of CSR

To assist schools with finding quality work experience placements we are now offering a comprehensive database of employers that have a great attitude and approach to Health & Safety in their work place.

For a competitive price, schools will be able to upload their student’s placements directly on to the database and it will be fully health & safety checked, along with a copy of their Employers liability Insurance certificate.

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