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Welcome to Rebuild Supports new website

(and welcome to my first blog)

As I am sure you will appreciate, this world changes so fast. Especially when it comes to technology. It was once described to me that, in this technological world, there are two types of people:

  1. The Digital Native. Those who were born and brought up with a keyboard, and
  2. The Digital Immigrant. Those who can remember life before mobile phones and computers

Well I am, the latter and despite spending the first six years of the 21st Century teaching ICT to other digital immigrants, who were afraid to touch or click on anything, in case that dreaded notice popped up on the screen saying that you have performed an illegal action and would be taken away by the computer police.
So, for all those that have never met me, at least you have a pretty good idea of my technical prowess. Ok enough about me, I would love to introduce Rebuild Support to you all.

After spending 5 years with an independent and impartial careers company; myself the Business Development Director, Donna, the Operations Director and Martyn, the WEX Co-ordinator decided to move on and provide a careers & work experience service to schools and colleges.

After supporting over 20 schools in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire & North Somerset areas, we were always sympathetic to the fact that although schools wanted to provide a good quality work experience for their students, there were always restraints.

Now I am not suggesting for one minute that the schools we worked with, were providing a bad ‘work experience’, experience but every school had a different set of issues that they found to make the whole work experience week an ordeal. Here are a few things that schools, and colleges found challenging.

  • Finding new work experience placements, which match the students career path
  • Ensuring that all the consent forms are completed by parents, students and employers
  • Making sure that the employer had a current Employers Liability Insurance certificate
  • Getting the Health & Safety checks done at short notice
  • The costs involved with Health & Safety checks.

So, we are addressing these challenges by offering a shared database of employers, who are keen to support schools in their community, and encourage schools and their students to find their own placement and add to the database.

This will then instruct us to get the Health & Safety checks done, as well as getting a current Employers Liability Insurance certificate. As soon as this is done, the students chosen placement is taken from the database, until the placement is completed.

The co-ordinator will then have a dashboard to monitor the progress of each student and see how many employers have been approached. They will also be notified when a Health & Safety check has been done on a new placement.

But what are the advantages for the school and the careers co-ordinator?

  • Our database is kept securely in a cloud, so it keeps the chances of a data breach to a minimum
  • It reduces the amount of time that a co-ordinator needs to spend on chasing placements for students that have not found their own and getting the relevant paperwork completed
  • It contributes to the Gatsby Benchmark No.6 – Experiences of workplaces
  • All the employers on the database will be monitored to ensure that they have an up-to-date Health & Safety check and a current Employers Liability Insurance certificate

But what are the advantages for the student?

  • By finding your own work experience placement, you are developing the skill of looking for work. This is something that will benefit you in later life
  • Also, by finding your own work experience placement It demonstrates to the employer that you have the self initiative that they are looking for in an employee
  • If nothing else, there is always the great sense of achievement.

If you are interested in registering on our website and you would like to find out more. Please contact Rebuild Support for a chat.