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10 Emotions commonly felt by students taking their exams

It’s almost over and the year 11’s are in the process of finishing their GCSE exams. Have you found it stressful? Don’t worry, you are not alone. I sat my CSE’s and O levels, so it shows how long ago that was, but although the name of the qualification have changed the emotions you feel during this process never changes. If your feeling tired, stressed out, talk to friends, family, and teachers, remember you are almost there.

Are you feeling your emotions are all over the place, if so this is completely normal and yes! Everyone is feeling the same way as you, just as I did all those years ago

Here are some of the emotions you will be going through, along with your friends.

1. Self-Congratulation
You did it, it wasn’t that difficult, and you even had a little time to spare. YAY

2. Doubt
Oh no, did you miss a question out? Or even a whole page? Why is everyone else still writing?

3. Relief
It’s over, you will never have to do so many exams in such a short time scale again. You can finally relax.

4. A sense of being part of a team.
You look over at your friends in the room, you have a shared sense of, we are in this together, and we have made it out the other end.

5. Panic
On no, what if you fail every exam. You will be made to do re-sits and it will never be over

6. Acceptance of fate
Did you do your best? You are sure you got all the questions wrong, you can’t do anything about it now, not passing everything isn’t the end of the world, is it ! Help.

7. Sense of Nostalgia
Looking around at the people you have spent the last 5 years with, makes you feel a bond and a sense of pride and connection with these people, the teachers and the school.

8. Dread
Will you cope with the work in year 12, will you fit in and make friends? You know you will have to become more independent and structured in your learning and have more free time, you will have more responsibility and that feels a little frightening.

9. Sadness
You feel a huge sense of sadness, these exams have been everything you have worked for, for the last 5 years and have caused you so much stress and suddenly this part of your life is over.

10. Sense of Maturity
The exams are over, and you are in control of your destiny now. You can dress in your own clothes, you’re a young adult and will call teachers by their first names. You are all equals, and you feel like an adult.

You will be collecting your exam results in August, good luck.  If you have done the best you can, no one can ask for more, you should feel very proud of yourself.  Over the Summer take a well-earned break and recharge your batteries for the next stage of your career path. You have chosen your studies in year 12 and have picked subjects or a course, apprenticeship that interests you and you will be surrounded by likeminded young people and make lots of new friends.

If you are disappointed in your GCSE results, don’t beat yourself up.  Further education providers will be open to talk through with you how to get to your goal.  You CAN get there, you may have to start in a different place, but you CAN still get there. If you are still unsure or what you want to do in the future, that is ok, you are only 16 and will find as you continue in further education your interests grow and you become clearer.

Take some time out for you, maybe a little voluntary work or a part time job is something you would like to do over the Summer. Once you are well rested, start preparing for further education. If you are thinking about going to university, do a little research into what the entry requirements are to study your chosen field.  It’s always a good idea to be prepared and plan.

Here are some useful websites to help you with planning and researching: